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Kuniko Yamamoto Origami Math

Presented by Siegel Artist Management | Grades K-6
Curriculum Connections: Math, Basic Geometry, Japanese Culture

Accessible between 10/4/2021 and 10/15/2021

Welcome to the infinite world of Origami! In Japanese, ori means "to fold" and gami means "paper". Hands-on paper folding videos invite students to explore Math concepts, visually. Focused on the number system and basic geometry, each video is customized for a specific grade level. Each grade specific mini lesson can be implemented in classroom lessons or as stand-alone video presentations.

Grade K & 1—Hands-on Origami Puppy for Learning Shapes and Their Attributes
Grade 2—Hands-on Origami Star for Learning Polygons
Grade 3---Hands-on Origami Teddy Bear for extending knowledge of Shapes and Their Attributes
Grade 4—Hands-on Origami Glider for Learning Fractions Concepts
Grade 5—Hands-on Origami Jet for Geometry Concepts
Grade 6—Hands-on Origami Wallet for Learning Dividing Fractions by Fractions

Individual lessons approximately 20-30 minutes each

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